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Hair Tip Tuesday: How to Create a Jumbo Bun | Pictorial

March 3, 2015


The jumbo bun is a simple protective style that’s suitable for any occasion. Here’s how I created this one that I recently posted on Instagram using Cuban Twist hair!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 pack of Cuban Twist Hair (Marley Hair or any hair closest to your own texture will do)
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Moisturizer/butter/cream of choice
  • Gel or favorite edge control product
  • Brush
  • Hair pins/bobby pins
  • Ponytail holder


The Prep

➡ I like to start with stretched hair. You can do this by means of blow drying or by styling on an old braid-out, etc.

➡ When using gel, it’s important for me to moisturize even though the gel I use is alcohol-free. I lightly sprayed my hair with water and followed up with my Bel Nouvo Deep Quench Moisture Butter which I got from MyLoux.com.

➡ Using my Tangle Teezer, I brushed the hair up into position to create my ponytail.

➡ I applied Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel around the perimeter and used my bristle brush for a smooth, sleek finish.


The Style

➡ I divided my ponytail into three twists and pinned them around creating a small bun. You may need more twists, you may need less.

➡ Using the rubber band already on Cuban Twist Hair, I attached it to my bun with the hair in the back.

➡ I then split the hair in half, made a large twist and then wrapped it around underneath the other section of hair from behind. You can wrap towards the front, it’s up to you.


➡ Once the other section is twisted, this is where the shaping of the jumbo bun happens. If you’re concerned about covering your own bun, bring the hair over the top (as in the bottom center pic). However, if the hair is good match, it’s fine if it peeks out a bit because it’ll blend right in.

➡ I continued to pin, blending the twists to make it look uniform.

And there you have it! The Bel Nouvo Moisture Butter worked well with the gel leaving NO white residue behind. After applying gel, some like to set the hair for 15-30 minutes by placing a satin scarf from back to front to keep the hair smooth and in-place while forming the bun.

Jumbo-Bun-Pictorial-DoneMy buns never come out the same way twice and you shouldn’t expect your jumbo bun to come out exactly like mine! You don’t have to be worried about symmetry. Just play around with the placement of the hair until you find a shape that suits you!

Have you ever tried a jumbo bun? Where would you rock yours?

I hope this was helpful. Talk to you soon!


Toia B.

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