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Hair Tip Tuesday: Honey for Shinier, Softer Hair

November 5, 2013

I’m telling you, if hair care manufacturers didn’t exist, we’d still have everything we need to take care of our hair naturally right here on God’s green earth. Honey is one of those things!

Hair Tip Tuesday 11_05_13Honey is a natural humectant which means that it has the ability to attract and retain the water/moisture in the air. When applied to the hair, it acts as a natural conditioner and moisturizer making it soft and manageable. This may especially be of interest to those of us with kinkier textures where our hair tends to be rather dry, dull-looking and sometimes hard if left on its own.

A great way to use honey in your regimen is to do a honey hair rinse. Simply dilute just a bit into a good amount of water- about 1 tsp in 4 cups of warm agua (so it mixes well)- and then pour it right onto your hair as the final part of your wash routine. You don’t need to rinse this out… this IS the rinse! 😉 Or, you can apply it to the hair with a spray bottle while holding your head over a sink. Once the hair is saturated, squeeze out the excess, dry and style as usual.

Try this for a few weeks and see if the condition of your hair improves. Come back and let me know how it goes! :-)

Is honey already a part of your regular hair care regimen? How have you used it and what have been the results? We wanna know!


Toia B.

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