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Floral Summer Dress with POCKETS + How to Wear a Floral Headband

July 28, 2016

NYC summers are no joke! But the main thing I love about the season is that I get to break out all my favorite pieces of clothing! All winter long, I look forward to pulling out my cute and colorful summer dresses and skirts. But THIS?! This is by far my absolute FAVORITE summer dress!Floral Summer Dress with Pockets 1

I purchased this floral summer dress back in 2010 (YES! A whole SIX years ago!) to wear to the spring wedding of some close friends of ours. I was surprised, to say the least, to find this little number at H&M of all places! They were good for slacks, casual skirts, button-downs, but a wedding-worthy dress?! *gasp*

It’s got that gorgeous retro silhouette that’s flattering on just about any woman and most importantly… IT HAS POCKETS!!!

favorite summer dress with pockets


Floral Summer Dress with Pockets 3 Floral Summer Dress with Pockets 2

I had already removed my shoes but I wore the ones in this post. Since they’re a nice summery color, I can wear them with so many things in my closet.

Now, onto the head wear!

My floral headband by Debbie’s Darling was a great match, no?!

Floral Summer Dress Debbie's Darling

While these Debbie’s Darling pieces are made (HANDmade by the way) as headbands, I thought it’d look way better with my bun if I simply wrapped the elastic band around it, placing the flowers on the side as a beautiful accent. With the band carefully tucked under the bun, it gives a clean look as the flowers sit neatly in place with no chance of moving. Win!

Since you can’t find THIS floral summer dress anymore, I didn’t wanna leave you in the cold with no options. Below you’ll find a few gorgeous retro-inspired floral summer dresses to get you ready for that Sunday girls brunch or summer wedding coming up!

So, let’s chat! Where’d you find that one piece of clothing that you absolutely LOVE but totally didn’t expect to?

Talk to you soon!


Toia B.

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