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How Fix Your Split Ends Today!

August 4, 2015

hair-helpTired of split ends ruining your perfect twist out or fabulous fro?! Well, I’ve found the perfect method to fix split ends once and for all! Ready?



Ha! That’s right!

I don’t care what magic product out there promises to “repair” split ends. The truth is, while those protein fillers and “menders” may give you noticeable results after using them, they’re temporary quick fixes.

The only way to REALLY fix split ends is to get rid of them with a good ole trim or hair cut!

I know what you’re thinking: “but, I don’t wanna lose my length!” Girl. Listen. Do you want long, raggedy hair with scraggly ends or do you want healthy hair? I’ll wait…

Now, it’s not to say that you can’t have long AND healthy natural hair. So, now that we’ve established how to get rid of split ends, let’s talk about how you can retain your length by preventing them from attacking your mane in the first place.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioners and deep treatment masks are made to hydrate your strands, giving them a boost of moisture which helps your hair become softer and more manageable with improved elasticity. The better the elasticity, the longer your hair can withstand stretching and tension before it breaks- the thing that may cause split ends to begin with.

Check out some of my favorite deep conditioners here!


Again, when hair is properly moisturized, the less likely it is to break or split. After cleansing and conditioning your hair, you can follow up with a good leave-in conditioner (or any water-based product of your choosing like a hair milk or detangler) while the hair is still damp and then apply an oil or butter to seal everything in. Many swear by the L.O.C. (Liquid-Oil-Cream) method for moisturizing. It’s up to you and what your hair responds to. Be sure to pay attention to those ends throughout the process.

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Protective Styling

It’s often the environment or extreme temps that cause split ends to appear because the hair gets to dry. Tucking your ends away in a protective style will help keep the moisture in. Any low-manipulation style like a bun, a roll, tuck & pin or extensions (braids, twists, etc) will do.

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Gentle Detangling

Be gentle when detangling your hair! Start from the ends and work your way up to the root. It’s a good idea to mist the hair with a bit of water for some manageability first. Detangling dry hair can cause breakage- which can lead to split ends- but detangling hair that’s drenched can do the same, so be careful. When detangling on wash day, try doing so before applying your cleanser and work in sections to keep the hair tangle-free.

Regular Trims

Getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis is a great way to keep your hair looking its best before any damage gets out of hand. If there’s any breakage present, a proper trim will help prevent that broken end from splitting up the hair shaft. “Regular” will mean different things for different people but I would say you should be trimming, at the absolute least, twice a year. I’ve found every season or every three months to work best for me.

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So, iiinnn summary, the best way to deal with split ends is to not have split ends in the first place… these five tips should help! But if they should spring up on ya, cut ’em! 😉

What’s your favorite method for fighting split ends? Have any (or all) of these worked for you?

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