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Fashion Friday: The Basics

March 22, 2013

Every now and then, I’m approached by women who have found themselves at a place where they just don’t know where to begin to build a decent wardrobe OR who haven’t quite found their style. My answer to them is always to start with the basics!

You gotta crawl before you can walk, right? So, if you find yourself to be “fashion-challenged”, you cannot just jump into a particular trend or hop on the latest thing that’s hot in the streets! For one thing, not everything looks good on everyone. While you might be rockin’ something that’s on trend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for you. Starting off with basic items while developing an eye for what looks good (on you) is the best way to ease into things and look good doing it. That said, in my opinion, there a few essential wardrobe items that a gal just can’t go without.


A white tee and jeans- nuff said. This looks good on anyone… so long as you buy your size! LOL Please, people! Take a friend to the store with you, one that’ll give their honest opinion on whether those jeans are way too small (can you say plumber’s crack!) or if that tee is so tight that it’s see-through, leaving little to the imagination!

Your little black dress (LBD) will be your staple for a girls’ night out, date night, work… you get the point. Dress it down with a denim jacket or a solid blazer. Dress it up with sleek jewelry, an interesting clutch and cute neutral pumps. Starting your shoe collection with a simple black or nude pump gives you flexibility. Once you have a sense of what hues compliment you best, feel free to branch off and add color.

The cool thing about these pieces is that, because they are neutral and basic colors, they are easy to mix and match with other items you already own for some variety. With the addition of punchy accessories, your outfit quickly goes from ‘blah’ to BAM!! ^_^

To purchase any of the items in the set, click on its link below.

Black dress

Miss Selfridge chiffon top

Blue blazer

H M straw clutch
$12 – hm.com

Ostrich handbag

Coral jewelry

Chunky necklace

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