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Essence Mag May 2014 | Natural Hair Cover Takeover

April 8, 2014

Soooo… I am ALL THE WAY here for this!!

If you subscribe to Essence you should’ve already gotten yours. For those who don’t and were unaware, naturalistas Erykah Badu, Ledisi and SolangeKnowles take turns on the cover of ESSENCE’s May Beauty Issue and share with readers what beauty means to them.

We know all three women to be completely original with impeccable, unique senses of style and of course, we love that they’re rockin’ that natural! It is so beautiful to see all three natural beauties grace the popular Black women’s magazine individually. This tells me that natural hair is slowly but surely becoming less and less taboo, being more accepted as a norm which, in effect, encourages women who have taken that step to keep on and says to those who have yet to do so that it’s okay.

I’ve already read bits and pieces of each interview and, while they all had some profound things to say, I think Solange’s words resonated with me the most…


Is her fro not DOPE?!

In a saturated field like natural hair blogging, beauty blogging, or just blogging period, one’s voice can be drowned out or overlooked in a sea of many others’. What totally sets each one apart is simply being oneself. When you do that, people “get” you, they can sense whether you’re being genuine or if you’re copying. Being ‘100% wholeheartedly you’ is key in anything you do, really.

This is what I strive to accomplish with ToBNatural! As I type, it’s as if I’m speaking to one of my “booboos” (as I affectionately call ’em). I really hope you all feel that. 😉 Thanks to all who have been following the blog, tagging along with me and my randomness on Instagram and elsewhere. You keep me going! ♥

So, how do you feel about the natural hair takeover on Essence mag? Will you collect all three?

Bye for now!


Toia B.

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