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Hair Tip Tuesday: The Best Foods For Easy DIY Hair and Beauty Recipes

January 26, 2016


Guest post by Donna Jenkins of EmbraceTheCurl.com

Being beautiful may come easy but it certainly isn’t cheap. Those facial toners, hair conditioners and body butters can do a number on your pocket book. If you are looking to save a few bucks while not sacrificing your beauty routine, instead of taking an expensive trip down the beauty aisle of your local department store, try opening up your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator for a few time-tested beauty treatments. That’s right. Your kitchen is a virtual spa full of foods for easy DIY hair and beauty recipes just waiting for you to whip them up. Here are a few food items you likely already have in your home that are perfect for your everyday hair and beauty needs.

Olive Oil

Whether you use extra virgin, regular or light olive oil, this staple in your cabinet works well as a make-up remover or it can be used to make a hair oil or hot oil treatment.

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Perfect for both skin and hair this versatile and delicious little vegetable is an excellent source of folate as well as vitamins E and C. Yes they are a healthy addition to any diet but they also make for the perfect face mask or hair conditioner.


“Milk does a body good”. But it also does your skin a world of good as well. The lactic acid in milk makes it a good exfoliant. Using milk in your beauty care regimen will also help to tone and leave your skin feeling smooth.


You’ll never find a shortage of yogurt in the supermarket. That’s because yogurt is known to be good for the digestive tract. Since yogurt is made from milk it contains lactic acid, which also makes it another good choice for a face mask treatment. Just like milk, yogurt will do your body good both inside and out.


Honey — Oh, how sweet it is. Honey is, by far, a favorite in my beauty regimen. Honey, with its hydrating and moisturizing properties; makes for a great pre-shampoo hair treatment. I know honey for hair may sound strange if you’ve never tried it before. But trust me when I say it works great. Need to sweeten your kiss? Mix honey with some brown sugar and olive oil and use it as a moisturizing treatment for your lips.

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For more suggestions on foods to use in your hair care regimen, check out It’s All in the Pantry!

What foods do YOU use for your DIY hair and beauty needs? What did we miss? Share with us below!

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