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Grab Curly Nikki’s FREE Book “When Good Hair Goes Bad”!

July 21, 2016


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Just three years after the success of her best-seller Better Than Good Hair, CurlyNikki.com founder Nikki Walton partners up with Dark and Lovely to release the FREE e-book When Good Hair Goes Bad! Yaaasss boo… F-R-E-E!!

If you’ve been following Curly Nikki for even a lil bit, you know she speaks to us like she’s our sista-fren/big cousin/BFF, even when she’s breaking stuff all the way down!

With lighthearted sub-section titles like, “MY HAIR STOPPED…WORKING. IT LOOKS FLAT, LIFELESS AND SAD. WHAT HAPPENED? FIX IT, NIKKI!” (which made me chuckle) and “OKAY, WELL… HOW DO I HIDE THIS HOT MESS WHILE IT’S IN HAIR REHAB???”, I’m sure you’ll (and I’ll…) get a kick outta When Good Hair Goes Bad which, at first look, seems to be written in true Curly Nikki fashion. Yep, pretty much like her first book!

I was excited to join Nikki and Dark and Lovely for a cool press event this Tuesday at midtown’s Haven Rooftop in NYC to celebrate the launch along with a few blogger friends. Margaritas, spring rolls and buffalo wings aplenty! LOL!

curky nikki when good hair goes bad rooftop

After being introduced by Dark and Lovely Senior Brand Manager Ifeoma Fejokwu, Nikki filled us in on her approach to this project. In wanting to do things a bit differently from her first book, in addition to offering it for free, When Good Hair Goes Bad presents solutions, tips and tricks to help you “reclaim your natural hair dopeness after all the experimenting and the things we do in the name of versatility”.

*nodding* I love that! curly nikki when good hair goes bad ifeoma fejokwu

It was nice to briefly catch up with Nikki since our first meeting during her partnership with Dark and Lovely in 2013. I love her funky yet laid-back style (peep her SHOES y’all!) and, of course, she was as sweet in person as she comes across online.

curky nikki when good hair goes bad ToBNatural

I’ve already downloaded MY copy of When Good Hair Goes Bad and have obviously skimmed through a bit. During whatever bit of downtime I can get in dealing with the little one, I plan to really dig in and enjoy. But go ‘head and grab your copy NOW by heading to darkandlovely.com for the FREE download!


Toia B.

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