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Ask the Pro: Caring for Color-Treated Natural Hair

January 9, 2014

Today, our resident natural hair care professional Simeko Watkins-Hartley answers…

How do I care for my color-treated natural hair?

color-treated natural hair

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So you decided to add a little flavor to your natural hair?!  Well, you are not alone, as many women opt to spice up their natural hair with some color.  However, over time, many begin to experience excessive dryness and breakage.

Here’s why: A permanent hair color lightens and deposits color into your hair in one step when ammonia and peroxide are mixed together.  Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that opens the cuticle so that the color can penetrate into the cortex of the hair.  It is this step that can leave the hair porous, causing dryness and lead to breakage.

Below are some steps to consider when caring for your color-treated natural hair:

  • Regularly use deep conditioning treatments that contain protein and other nutrients to aid in keeping the hair strong.

    • Try Aubrey Organics GPB Protein Conditioner or mix up one yourself with egg yolks, avocado, mayo or yogurt.

  • Use shampoos that are designed for color treated hair or pH balanced because they do not contain harsh ingredients that will strip the hair.  

    • Try SheaMoisture’s Moisture Retention Shampoo or mix up your own with coconut milk and aloe vera gel.

  • Use moisturizing lotions or creams to style your hair.  They aid in keeping the hair moisturized longer and they protect your hair from heat when blow-drying.

    • Try Jane Carter Solutions Twists & Lock, Hair Nourishing Cream or mix up your own with Shea Butter, your favorite leave-in and jojoba oil.

  • Wear your hair in styles that require little to no manipulation.  Less stress equals less breakage. Try two strand twists or a flat twist updo.

So what’s your flavor of the month?  Whether it’s fiery red or warm golden brown, special care should be given to help in maintaining a healthy head of hair!

Naturally Yours,

Simeko Watkins-Hartley

Owner & Creative Director of Meko, New York Natural Hair Care Spa & Boutique

Disclaimer: This information serves as a guide to inform, inspire and encourage women, like myself, to regain and maintain their healthiest hair possible.

Do YOU have color-treated hair? How have you adjusted your regimen to care for it?

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