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Blogging While Mommying Ain’t Easy!

April 22, 2016


I’m not gonna sit here and pretend any of this is a piece of cake.

This blogging thing… not easy. I mean, when you’re trying to grow your brand and provide great content that people will actually care to read…? Yeah, no joke.

Now, add a baby to the mix. You know things will change since, of course, babies need all of your attention, especially in those crucial first months. Hmph! The whole first year is full of huge adjustments and learning — learning how to get this mommy thing down, (or some semblance of it), learning about this new little life, learning about yourself.

You wanna be the best, most consistent and epic content creator, but… baby. Baby comes first. You can’t possibly ignore that poopy diaper or the cries for “bah-bah” because you’re tryna get that post finished. Priorities, people! And, seriously, look at this face!


So… how do you juggle doing what you love with “the hardest job you’ll ever love”? How do you manage blogging with a baby?

*snicker* Welp,the fact that today marks two weeks since I last posted here should tell you something. LOL! But do I feel like I’ve let myself down in some way?

What I’ve Been Up To

While I had every intention of posting and sharing with you guys over the last couple weeks, things just didn’t work out that way… and that’s okay!

After a few weeks of “where Spring at, doe?!” and even one night of light snow, Spring has finally sprung for REAL for real here in NY. It has been absolutely beeeauutiful so Micah and I have been enjoying the sun and gettin’ some much-needed fresh air. Most days, I take a short train ride to a station with elevator access then take a stroll to my favorite Starbucks. Besides the free WiFi that we all know and love, this one’s got plenty of space for me and the kid!

I try to coordinate our outdoors time with nap time. That way, I can use that opportunity to get a little writing done as I nibble on my cheese danish and sip my grande chai… my yooj. But since Micah doesn’t always stay asleep, I don’t get as much done as I’d like to (as I look in horror at the 28 posts in my ‘Drafts’ folder!). But, guess what? I broke my cabin fever and he got his nap soooo… I’m not about to beat myself up about it!


But the fact is, I STILL gotta get this stuff done!

So… This is Gonna Take Some Planning!

I figure I’ll do this:

About three times a week, when the hubster gets in from work in the morning, I’ll run out the door head to Starbucks sans baby to get my writing done. Morning is daddy time anyways — I usually just hide in the bedroom… like I’m doing right now — so I’ll just be on my merry way. You boys have fun! 😉

I do write for another site so I figure, if I give myself a good three hours, I can spend two hours on ToBNatural and wrap up my time on the other site.

Phone Apps are LIFE!

Because I can’t always pull out my laptop, since having the baby, I would use parts of nursing time to at least begin drafting posts on my phone’s WordPress app. Sometimes a good intro or one-liner will pop into my head so I’ll quickly jot it down in Evernote.

I also try to stay connected with my ToBNatural community via social media apps, primarily Instagram. I’ll re-post some natural hair inspo or put up a selfie or two so people know there’s a real person behind this thing. Aaannd cuz… well, the Galaxy S7 camera is BOMB! Social media is where I also get to see what people are buzzing about in the world of hair. This way, I can come back here and write the stuff that y’all wanna read! Boom.

But Wait, There’s More!

Now, this was just a little something I needed to get off my chest real quick. I do have a more structured post coming with some suggestions for getting it all done (which means some of this will be repeated) and some other thoughts I left out to keep this brief. In the meantime, I hope this helps you moms out there know that you’re not alone as you try to balance blogging or some other endeavor/business with motherhood. Let’s learn together!

As you await the next post, let’s chat!

How do you balance working — whether you’re a full-time blogger, have a home business or work outside the home — with mommying?

Oh, that super cute blue love seat the baby is sitting on… it comes in all sorts of other dope colors so go get your home decor life and grab yours here!


Toia B.

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