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4 Beauty Items You Don’t Use But Probably Should!

May 17, 2016

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I’d like to consider myself to be a “girlie girl”. But while I like doing my hair, getting my nails done and wearing lip gloss, I’m pretty simple. If you’re anything like me, there are some beauty items you don’t use because, in your mind, you’re just fine without ’em.

…but ARE you?

1. Exfoliating Bath Gloves

beauty items you dont use gloves

I’ve seen these things in Targé, my local pharmacy chain and when I used to frequent Bath & Body Works. Buuuuttt… not once did I ever think, “HEY! Those might come in handy!” *see what I did there?*

That is until I watched a video by Evelyn From the Internets (like, I literally JUST opened up this tab and started typing while the video was playing!) where she talked about her skincare essentials. THIS was what I needed- someone to basically demo and explain why I need these things in my LIFE!

Exfoliating bath gloves make so much sense. I’ve been using mesh sponges since my mid-20s (cuz that’s how grown women shower, so I thought!). But they are a little tricky to use in certain areas like my neck, elbows, between the toes… it’s awkward. But using your hands and fingers helps you hit every spot . It’s like giving yourself a massage every day.

I’m buying a pair tomorrow! 😛

2. Facial Masks

beauty items you don't use mask

Real talk, I just wanna be the lady in this photo…

I need a spa day. *cries*

The truth is, I actually own two facial masks – one was from a gift bag, the other, Influentser– but, how often do I use them??

After dealing with acne from my teens til my early 20s or so, my skin is finally pretty blemish-free and I only get a pimple once in a while. So, do I feel like I NEED to use a facial mask to maintain healthy skin? Hmmmmnot really.

For the longest, I’ve looked at facial masks as an “extra” that I could do without. But as a busy stay-at-home-mom, “me time” is a must! A little pampering with a weekly clay mask could be just the thing to help me chillax once in a while.

Treat yoself!!

Besides the pampering, the actual mask itself is a good thing.  According to discovergoodnutrion.com, “the right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.” Ok, cool!

I also remember that amazing tightened and toned feeling after a mask. Think I’ll be doing one this weekend!


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3. Body Scrubs & Exfoliators

beauty items you dont use scrub

Like the bath gloves above, scrubs are meant to help you, well… scrub away all the dead skin and things that you may not get all that well when just using a regular cloth or mesh sponge.

I’ve always thought I could do without facial and body exfoliators and that it was just something people with extra money did. “My face and body are clean enough. I’m good!”

But, when I think about it, the handful of times that I HAVE used a shishi poopoo scrub (that I likely got in a gift bag or something) with those little tiny rocks in it, my skin did feel really good and looked way more refreshed than before. Why is that? Because I’ve just sloughed off those nasty dead skin cells!

Have you ever moisturized your skin after showering then have to scratch your leg and look under your nails? See that? Ew. We often don’t get that dead skin off as well as we thought.

And as far as cost… you can get quite a few good ones on the cheap! I think I may just give this one a go!

4. Rose Water

beauty items you don't use rose water

Since I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state (2009), I’ve been hearing about naturals using rose water in their hair care routine. I thought it was this magical substance you can only buy at a specialty store that’s meant to do amazing things to your hair like, I dunno, make it self-washing (if only!) and I’m just like… “but why I can’t just use regular water doe?!”

Come to find out, while not exactly “magical”, rose water can affect your hair for the better in ways regular tap water won’t.

Rose water is known to have a pH closer to that of our hair and can, therefore, stabilize or balance the pH levels which aid in repairing your hair’s damaged porosity that could occur as a result of color or overexposure to heat from styling tools.

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Rose water is also a gentle astringent with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce or lessen dandruff caused by fungal infections and soothe irritated skin and scalp.

Hmph! There might actually be something to this rose water stuff! I’ll see about making my own or possibly purchasing some to see if I get any noticeable change in my hair.


Are there any other common beauty items you don’t use that haven’t made it on this short list? Are you reconsidering using them in the future? Let’s chat below!


Toia B.

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