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5 Ways to Make the Most of an Apartment You Hate!

August 22, 2016

Apartment You Hate Main 1Finding the ideal place to live in 2016 isn’t easy… especially if you’ve got a set budget. In New York, you might be able to find an affordable place but may end up having to settle for an apartment you hate! What to do… what to do?

While I am VERY thankful to have a roof over my head, the truth is, it could be better: the apartment, the building (and lets add the management), the neighborhood… all of it. But, for my own sanity and with encouraging words from my hubby who I know is beyond over hearing my complaints, I’ve decided to suck it up and make the most of the situation while we’re here.

So, the idea is to fill the apartment you hate with a ton of things you love!

Leh go!

1. Find Inspiration

I was able to add quite a few great ideas to my home decor Pinterest board: lots of color inspiration, some simple ideas on design details and even some DIY stuff that I’ll probably never get around to start working on before the year is out. :-)

Of course, when we learned that I was pregnant, I looked to Pinterest for inspiration on how to incorporate the colors and print (chevron) I wanted for Micah’s room. There are just a few more things I’d like to do in there but it’s coming along!

Most of Your Apartment Baby Room 1

2. Add Personal Details

Apartment You Hate Personal ItemsFrom family photos to a memento from a special occasion (like my wedding bouquet), placing personal items where you’d see them often will make that apartment you hate feel more like home! Framed inspirational quotes or scriptures you love work too!

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3. Use Color

teal and grey living room home polishinspiration

I’ve found that color really makes me happy! Our first place had a neutral vibe with pops of color but it had tons of space to make up for it. This time around, I wanted… needed something that would pop and be more inviting in our place.

The whole teal/turquoise color family has been a favorite of mine for a while so that was gonna be it! Finding something in that hue that I really liked AND priced within our budget took a while. When I found our turquoise love seat (below), I struck gold! The best part is, it matches perfectly with the throw pillows I already owned from our first place!

4. “Let the Sunshine In”Apartment You Hate Turquoise Loveseat

Our living room and main bedroom facing the front of the building is the best thing this apartment’s got going for it and natural light is BAE! So if you’ve got access to it, use it! Open up those blinds and curtains and let some sun in. I guarantee an instant lifting of spirits when you do.

Now all I need is a nice art gallery on that blank wall! Naturally, I’ve rounded up some DIY art and gallery ideas.

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5. Hang Original or DIY Art


Gone are the days of grandma’s dated landscape paintings hanging over her plastic-covered sofa. ‘Unconventional’, original artwork by your favorite modern artists or even your own work can really breathe new life into any space!

I purchased the Pardon My Fro prints above at an event a couple years ago but had nowhere to hang them ’til now.

Our bedroom is way smaller than we’re used to but has high ceilings. Hanging these prints here helped to fill in that large gap, liven up the room and bring some interest to an empty, blah wall.

Make the Most of an Apartment You HATE Pin

Now, I Can Relax!

Taking these steps have made a big change in how I see our apartment and, ultimately, my mood. While I still notice some of the issues that came with the place, they don’t affect me as much. I’m finally starting to feel comfy in my home!

This article from Apartment Therapy has some great ideas on how to deal with issues we renters face with less-than-perfect apartments. Even if you own a house, I’m sure you can use some of these tips to make the most of your space as well!

Ever lived somewhere that you didn’t really care for? What did you do to make the most of your living space?


*Photo credit: teal and grey living room via homepolish.com

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