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5 Tips for Traveling While Natural

April 28, 2015


It’s finally getting warmer out there, so ya know what that means… VACATION! These five practical tips will come in handy when traveling while natural.

1. Pack Light

This just makes life easier for everyone involved. Do your best to only take along the products you’ll absolutely need while you’re away. Figure out what your top two or three staple products are and try packing just those items so you’re not weighed down. Maybe do a shampoo, conditioner and a styler or a co-wash and a styler… you get the picture.

2. Use Small Containers

Let’s take this a step further. If you MUST take a number of products with you or you just can’t choose what you wanna bring with you, invest in some of those small TSA-approved containers like these. This way, you can fill those mini jars and bottles with your favorites but still keep your bag or suitcase light. Packing just the amount of product you’ll need while on vacay makes more sense than traveling with huge eight ounce jars.

3. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

In one of those small containers, you may wanna carry a little sunscreen for your hair. Traveling while natural, especially if your destination is a tropical one, means that your kinks or curls will be exposed to UV rays and even more susceptible to dryness, split ends and breakage. Before you hit the beach, don’t forget your hair when applying that sunscreen to the rest of your body.

You can often find hair products that contain sunscreen but there are natural oils that can provide sun protection like coconut oil, wheat germ oil or carrot seed oil (when diluted in a carrier oil).5-Tips-Traveling-While-Natural

4. Be Prepared Yet Keep it Simple

If you’re like me, you try to pack fashion basics that you can mix and match easily without being too fussy about outfit choices. Same applies to hair. You wanna be prepared for various situations without being loaded down. Pack basics like a couple ponytail holders, a handful of hair pins and “ouchless” headbands to quickly throw your hair up in a bun or a puff if your loose style is a fail. A neutral colored scarf and/or a wide-brim straw hat are stylish yet versatile options that double as further protection from the heat and sun. Fashion and function!

5. Wear a Protective Style

What better way to keep it simple when traveling while natural than to just install a protective style?! This solves all of your problems: you’ll need minimal products for upkeep (just a moisturizer in a spray bottle), your hair is less susceptible to sun damage or frizz and most of all, it’ll always be done! Less worrying about your hair, more concentrating on FUN! Try my jumbo bunsome box braids or maybe some kinky twists. Just make sure that, whatever style you choose, you don’t overdo it with the hair pins. I’ve heard it can be a struggle getting through airport security with a bunch of those up in there. 😉

Are you headed somewhere warm and fun this spring or summer? What are some of YOUR tips for traveling while natural?


Toia B.

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