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4 Ways to Save a Failed Natural Hair Style

December 30, 2016

save a failed natural hair style

We’ve all had times when we try out a new style or even attempt one that we’ve done before and, for whatever reason, it’s a complete fail! Thankfully, there ARE a few ways to save a failed natural hair style. Here are some suggestions…


If your curls aren’t popping like you want them to or if your rod set hasn’t had enough time to dry and is now a puffy mess, I guarantee a frohawk will come to your rescue! There are TWO ways you can do it:

Pin Up: simply slick up the sides, with or without some type of gel (here’s my personal fave! )or edge control, and pin the hair from about your ear level to the crown. If your hair is longer, you’d start from the very back and go all the way to the front to create the look. Watch how I did it here. Super easy!

Mini Puffs/Ponytails: working with about 3-5 sections (depending on your length), gather each one into a puff at the center of your head. Fluff and adjust so that the hair all blends together to create the illusion of a frohawk. This technique came in handy when my hair was shorter and is also useful if you’ve got lots of shrinkage.

Here’s a great tutorial that features both methods so you can get the visual effect!

High Puff

Whether you were able to salvage a curl from your failed hairdo or not, you can never go wrong with a puff! Using a shoe string, the leg of some old pantyhose or a stretched ponytail holder, just bring all of your hair to the top of your head and tie your accessory of choice around it. It can’t get any easier!

Let TheChicNatural walk you through it…

Roll, Tuck & Pin

Roll, tuck and pin styles are super chic, great for any occasion and come through in the clutch when your hair isn’t doing what you want it to do!

The great thing about this style is that there’s no one way or wrong way to do it. The key is neatness. Once you get the hang of the method, you can achieve a cute roll and tuck in a matter of minutes. Since your hair is likely already stretched from your failed style, this will work even better.

The style is just what it says: you grab a section of hair, roll it, tuck it under and pin it in place. Get creative and play around with the placement of the hair or even add a twist or a braid to make it interesting.

This one by Meechy Monroe is a fave but I also like this option from Brittany Kyss.

Throw on a Head Wrap

When all else fails, or if you’re pressed for time, just hide your hair altogether! Grab a scarf, a piece of fabric, a large tee shirt… whatever, and create a cute head wrap style.

I absolutely LOVE these styles from Kilahmazing. Watch how creative she is with these four head wrapping methods!

These ideas aren’t just good for a failed natural hair style but you can also use ’em for old twist-outs or rod sets that have lost some of their flavor. With the head wrap, you can have a little bang peeking through the front for a funky look. This’ll help you stretch your styles out another few days until it’s time wash! 😉

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What methods have you used to save a failed natural hair style?


*photos: luvtobnatural.com; kyssmyhair.com; youtube.com (thechicnatural/kilahmazing)
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