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11 Simple Natural Hairstyles!

August 22, 2015


If you’re a new mom like me, you know that finding time to take care of yourself the way you did before having a baby can be a challenge. Because our little ones need so much attention, quick and simple natural hairstyles are a must! This awesome new video from BuzzFeed sure comes in handy!

I’ve already come up with a few easy styles of my own but this has definitely given me some more ideas. Watch as stylist Ezmeralda Meco transforms one woman’s beautiful hair into eleven amazingly simple natural hairstyles with just a few steps! And if you’re a “no-heat natural”, you’re gonna love these styles.

For all the deets and step-by-step on how to achieve all of the styles shown, check out the original BuzzFeed article here.

How do you manage your hair care regimen while caring for your baby? Would you try some of these styles to make life easier?

Images: BuzzFeed

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